About Us

Hi there! Alex Cole and Marco Delguidice here, two east coasters living life outside and exploring with camera's. Snowboarding is what first introduced us, then a mutual love for photography got us into some adventures, and weddings brought us into business with each other. This project of ours was created so that we could both bring everything we know to the table, and work on something meaningful. To call it rewarding would be an understatement. I know that sounds cliche, but between the people we get to meet, and the images we are privileged to take, I don't think we would trade it for anything. It is the mission of D&C to capture your wedding day with all the love that you and your family bring to it. 

Alex Cole


My love for cameras came early, but my passion for photography was born in my high school dark room developing film rolls. It started with action sports and landscapes, taking my camera anywhere and everywhere I went. As the years past a camera became as much a necessity as my wallet and keys. Formally, I have a degree in American History, and another in Graphic Design, but what I got most out of my college experience was that I loved taking pictures. My photographs were a central part of my extra-circulars, taking any photo-job I could get. One of my greatest 'learning jobs' was a night club I worked for, usually shooting until 1am Thursday night before my 8am Friday morning Roman History class. I loved the exploration of taking the photos, the editing process, and the memories those photos bring years later. I am more and more in love with the experience every single day.

I got into wedding photography 4 years ago, and the journey since has been nothing short of amazing. If I had to classify my photo style, I would call it assisted-photojournalism, but more than that my goal is to shoot for the love. I can help pose you and put everyone in place for some portraits, but what truly makes me happy is to capture those feelings of passion that you bring to your wedding with you. All those 'in between' moments that make your heart race years down the road when you look at them- those are why I do what I do. This journey of photography has been one of the most rewarding adventures I have had, and I hope to share it with you.

Marco Delguidice

I am a photographer located just north of Boston, Massachusetts. My passion for photography started at a young age, even though I did not learn how to work a camera until years later. As a kid, I loved thumbing through the latest National Geographic to explore the world through the images in the magazine. Years later, I picked up a cheap Canon camera off of craigslist and started shooting local snow boarders to recreate the hundreds of snowboarding photos that covered my bedroom walls. That’s when I became hooked on photography and capturing the world around me.