About D&C

Delguidice and Cole are East Coast Photographers that bring together a diverse range of photographic talents and knowledge. The duo enjoy collaborating and strive to produce top quality images. It is our mission at D&C to capture your vision and display your wedding day the way you imagined it.

Marco Delguice

I am a photographer located just north of Boston, Massachusetts. My passion for photography started at a young age, even though I did not learn how to work a camera until years later. As a kid, I loved thumbing through the latest National Geographic to explore the world through the images in the magazine. Years later, I picked up a cheap Canon camera off of craigslist and started shooting local snow boarders to recreate the hundreds of snowboarding photos that covered my bedroom walls. That’s when I became hooked on photography and capturing the world around me.




Alex Cole

I have had my roots in photography since childhood. My grandfather was a big photographer and influenced me early on.  Always one to play with a camera, this old hobby now holds true as one of my passions in life. My love for adventure, exploration and photography all come together, allowing me to meet many amazing people and travel to some fascinating places.